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Whether you're in the market for a full out race shirt, or just to get the word out about your small business, we're your one stop shop! Affordable, High-Quality

prints on a wide variety of garments. Our art work and equipment are second to none in the Midwest. We specialize in the –unique- design on a not so traditional

shirt. All screen printing is done on site in house with no outsourcing.  we offer low cost, high qaulity, quick turn around printing.  We have many pieces of

equipment to ensure speed and accurace on our prints, such as vacume sealed light table to ensure proper exposure of the screen to our M&R Diamondback

Automatic press that can print upwards of 300 shirts an hour full color.  M&R Red Chili Flash for fast curing between colors, to our 3 foot by 10 foot long M&R

Fusion Dryer to properly cure your print onto your garment.  Because of these products and proceedures we have here at Octane we can offer you a faster turn

around at a high quality print.